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"I appreciate the contributions that you have made to the design and selection of equipment for the new Radiology Department at Huntington Memorial Hospital.... Even more useful, however, has been your role as a 'compression consultant.' Your role in raising issues that may other wise have been ignored and then recommending solutions to these issues is a very worthwhile service"
William Bradley, Jr. , M.D., Ph.D.,Director of MR Imaging Long Beach Memorial Medical Center


KJA provides a wide range of services to hospitals, radiology departments, radiologists and other healthcare entities. These services include the development or updating of long-range visions and strategic plans. In addition, KJA has routinely been involved in revenue enhancement and cost cutting programs that also optimize the quality of service being performed.

A key specialty of KJA is "Functional Space Planning." Our belief is that the design and aesthetics of healthcare environments have a direct impact on the patient's perception of the quality of care they receive, and the productivity of the staff that work in the area.

Among the issues that are normally included within the scope of an engagement are any or all of the following assessments:

  • Workflow Improvement and Redesign
  • Technology Assessment, Acquisition and Implementation
  • PACS Justification, acquisition and Implementation
  • Space Planning for New and Existing Facilities
  • Staffing Analysis and Development Programs
  • Productivity and Throughput Benchmarking
  • Competitive Analyses and Customer Satisfaction Studies
Once these analyses are completed, KJA then works closely with clients to implement successful outcomes. To discuss your specific situation and how we can be of value to you, Contact KJA.
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