Providing medical imaging consulting services to the healthcare community since 1981.

"Consulting with healthcare organizations is often a thankless task, and for good reason, given how poorly it's often done. When performed professionally, however, the process of bringing together technology, work process and human relationships can result in almost miraculous results. Ken Johnson certainly falls in the latter category, and having seen him work up close, I can attest to the quality of his services and his character. Ken Johnson is the consultant you want if your top priorities are customer service, knowledge of how medical imaging works, and the ability to get things done. Ken is one of the best there is."
Peter Ogle Editor-in-Chief, Diagnostic Imaging magazine
1982 - 2001

"Ken has done and is continuing to do an awesome job for us. He is very good on workflow for techs, radiologists, patients, and referring physicians. He thinks like each of these groups and optimizes their interaction with our Department He started out helping me with an overview of the entire department and quickly got into our equipment purchase RFP process and is now helping us optimize our deployment of PACS. Even though he is technically a consultant, his function is somewhere between a senior hospital administrator and a Radiology Department Vice Chair."
William Bradley, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., Radiology Chairman University of California- San Diego


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Kenneth Johnson and Associates (KJA) helps clients maximize the use of their medical imaging resources to provide optimum service to their customers.
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