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  "He (Kenneth Johnson) has a wealth of experience which he is able to apply to a variety of situations. He has an excellent understanding of patient flow, employee work habits and departmental design concepts . . . He has extensive personal contacts and information about equipment problems in areas remote from our practice which have proved helpful to us."
John P. Kassabian, M.D., FACR Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, CA

Kenneth Johnson founded Kenneth Johnson and Associates, Inc. (KJA) in 1981 to help clients select and successfully implement emerging diagnostic imaging technologies. Since that time, KJA has helped to create benchmarks for design, productivity and technology for clients throughout the United States and Canada.

One of KJA's primary goals is to help clients establish realistic goals and then work closely with them to meet or exceed these projections. One error that is common in diagnostic imaging is to place too much emphasis on equipment selection alone while under emphasizing or overlooking other equally important issues. KJA has developed tools and techniques to insure that all issues are properly addressed.

Our Belief:
Our clients have five basic resources: personnel, technology, physical space, time and money.

Our Mission:
To help our clients maximize the use of their imaging resources to provide optimum service to their customers.

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